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Police Forces in England and Wales

Crime Hotspots

Welcome to Crime Hotspots.

We collect data from all police forces in England and Wales to give you a complete picture of crime and policing in your area.

On these pages your will find the following information.

Neighbourhood Information

  • Local Police Officers on the neighbourhood beat
  • Upcoming Events
  • Local Policing Priorities
  • Recent Reported Crime


  • Heatmaps created from the most recent monthly crime data
  • Boundaries of Police Forces in England and Wales
  • Neighbourhood policing areas
  • Cluster maps of the of the most recent policing data

Police Force Information

  • Area covered
  • Contact details
  • Council information
  • Community Safety Partnerships
  • Senior Officers

Map of Police Forces in England and Wales

Markers with links to the individual forces will appear at zoom 8 or greater.

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