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Crime Prevention Tips

burglar peering through window

Most crime is opportunistic in nature.

A criminal spots a weakness and weigh up the odds of being seen or detected while they make off with your hard earned possessions.

There are things you can do to readdress the balance. Making your home secure, fitting strong locks to gates and outbuildings. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best security measures that you can put in place to secure yourself, your home and your vehicles.

Out and about

When you are out and about, there are security measures that you can put in place for your personal safety.

Personal Alarms

There are small handheld electronic devices that you can Carry with you at all times. For instance, the handheld personal alarm emits a loud alarming sound (siren-like). The alarm is set off by pressing a button or a tag that sets that siren off when pulled.

The purpose of this device is to draw attention to ward off an assailant. The alarm is effective in disorienting, surprising, or distracting an assailant. The volume of this device varies from model to model, with some models emitting up to 130 decibels.

Money Belts

Another safety measure that you need, especially when you visit another country for tourism, and you are not really sure about the safety of your money, a money belt might be a safe option. Many tourist cooties also have a large number of pickpockets who are skilled in stealthily removing your wallets from your pockets. Money belts are worn around the waist and are more difficult to steal.

Self-defence spray

The self-defence spray is very effective when you are trying to escape an attack. A can of dye self-defence spray contains harmless chemicals and are not intended to cause harm to the assailant. They give you the few seconds you need to get away while leaving the assailant with dye in their face or body that takes a few days to come off. This can also help police identify crime suspects easily.

What you need to maintain your personal safety include the following:


There are several security measures that you can put in place to ensure that your home is safe from Intruders. There will always be people with bad intentions snooping around your home looking for vulnerabilities and ways to steal something.

Doors and Windows

Letterbox Cage

Letterbox Cages fit on the inside of your frontdoor over the letterbox and serve several useful purposes. They prevent criminals from hooking keys or opening the door by reaching through the letterbox.

If you have a feisty four-legged security guard they also prevent your mail from getting shredded.

A letterbox Cage is a good way to keep your documents and other important mail from the prying eyes of thieves. Your personal information is not safe laying at your door where anyone could steal them.

So you need to secure the interior of your home using the following security measures.

Marking Valuables

You should properly mark your belongings when you are out of town, especially your most valuable items. You might lose them and need to find them, so this is where marking your valuables come into play. Think of it like your luggage tags, which make it less likely that you lose your bag in transit (people do run into bad luck sometimes), but tags do help to locate stolen or lost items. Some criminals may lose interest in stealing an item that has been marked simply because they can’t sell them, making it less valuable to them


You might want to consider:


Home alarm systems are a must-have. You need to be able to prevent a crime from happening, it is a lot safer than waiting for the crime to actually happen (obviously!). So try to invest in home alarm units.

For instance, TV simulator lights are very effective in keeping Intruders away. Most burglars always wait till there's no one at home or when they think everyone is asleep. But a TV simulator light gives the impression that someone is awake watching the TV.

You should consider the following:



Exterior lighting is very effective because thieves need dark environments to break into homes or steal cars. Having a well lighted surrounding is a sure way to keep criminals away from breaking in. No thief wants to be seen.

So you might want to consider investing in the following:

  • Security Lights

Other exterior security measures that will ensure that your home safe and free from burglars and thieves like CCTV cameras are very effective. You can have eyes on your external surroundings through the help of CCTV. The best part is that many of these devices now come with Wi-Fi features that allow them to transmit live footages of your home directly to your device.


The best crime prevention strategies for homes and businesses must include both the interior and exterior. When it comes to the exterior areas, we are talking about your sheds and garages. Nowhere is safe from burglars and thieves, so you might want to ensure that the outbuilding areas are properly secured with alarms and other innovative security measures.



Vehicles are easy targets for criminals because they are usually parked outside without anyone watching them. Car thieves are skilled in the act of breaking into cars and stealing them or carting away all your valuables including car the stereo. And once your car gets stolen you may never find it, especially if you do not have a car tracker. The first line of action is to secure your vehicles with robust locks that are not so easy to break.

Think of D locks and U locks for bicycles, ground anchor locks and disc locks for your motorbikes. You can also make use of marking kits designed for vehicles. Some of these marking kits are ultraviolet cannot be seen by mere looking at the vehicle, which makes your vehicle easier to find should it get stolen.

Below are some important security kits that will help secure your vehicle.